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Subject: Re: Save our Pledge of Allegiance
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Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 13:56:44 -0400

    What about those folks out there that are offended by the lack of God? 
Are we so afraid of the word God that we must stamp out every reference to a 
deity in our society? I must point out that the last poll I saw said that 
around 90% of Americans believe in some god. In a majority rules system like 
ours, that means they have the right to have god where every they wish. That 
means the other 10% must accept and adapt to it. It is one thing to have the 
separation of church and state.
    But saying "under God" does not violate that. It merely states that we 
are subject to things higher than we are (earthquakes comes to mind). We are 
not perfect. We are not infallible. We need guidance sometimes to make the 
right moral choice. It is so wrong to acknowledge we are... human and not a 
higher being?
    Is there a god? I don't know. But who am I to tell someone who does they 
must keep it in there home or church? I don't have that right and neither 
should the government or some angry atheist. Its time to not take ourselves 
so seriously and allow others to express themselves and their faith. It only 
enriches us to do so. Our children have so little to believe in already. 
Don't take away what little is left.
    Anyway, did anyone pick up the quake that was in the Cincinnati area a 
couple of weeks ago? I did not feel anything in Columbus. It was supposedly 
a 5.0 

Don Stevens
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John Tacinelli writes: 

> If you want this to be about seismographs, then stop responding.  As for being offended, I cannot help being offended.  Would
 you object if the POA included a phrase about "one nation, under no god" ? Of course you would.  The government can't say that
.  (even though it is true)   
> I suggest the pledge be altered to say "one nation, respecting all beliefs, with liberty and justice for all." 
> John Tacinelli 
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