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Subject: Re: Save our Pledge of Allegiance
From: "John Tacinelli" John.Tacinelli@........
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 13:34:20 -0500

Offended by the Lack of god? Does this mean we must put god into every =
sentence to avoid offending them? That is ridiculous. =20

The first amendment guarantees against a tyranny of the majority.  If the =
majority wants god in our schools and the pledge then let them repeal the =
first amendment.  They have that power.  They could then pass laws =
requiring us to join a church or be jailed.  Indeed they could convert all =
of us to the majority church.  Stamp out all other churches.  Many =
societies have done so.  Many still do. =20

I say we are not subject to higher things.  There is no God as a source of =
moral authority, nor do we need one.  We can be moral on our own. =20

The government does not take sides in such a dispute.  The government =
says, "take the argument outside where it belongs."

JOhn T


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