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I knew someone would know the history of Mt. Hood; that's why I
mentioned it. Thanks for the background info.

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Hello Kareem,

I live west of Portland, Oregon, about the same distance from Mt St 
Helens and Mt Hood.  We've been ashed...   I witnessed several of the 
1980 eruptions.

Mt Hood has a history of erupting after Mt St Helens, according to 
some sources.  Mt Hood last erupted just 200 years ago.  Episodes 
like this have occurred several times in the last few years, at 
several locations on the South side of the mountain.  This sequence 
is about 3 miles SSE of the summit.  It has slowed considerably.

See yesterday's activity at:
See today's activity at:

There are live fumaroles high on the mountain, about 800 feet below 
the summit.  You could see the gases venting in the videos taken a 
few weeks ago at the site of a fatal climbing accident, and the 
helicopter crash which occurred during the rescue operations.

While I knew of the fumaroles, I had never 'seen' them; I was 
startled by the level of activity.  I don't know if this activity 
level was unusual.

See the USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory (CVO) at:

Early this May, I talked for several hours with Drs. Rauscher and van 
Bise who predicted the eruption of Mt St Helens, and many earthquakes 
over the past 20 years.  They said they detected signals from St 
Helens in October or November of 1979, months before geophysicists 
were surprised by the early eruptive events. (You can see information 
about them on my website.  Look at the bottom of this post. I will be 
adding information about their work.)

Take care,
Bob Fryer

>What's everyone's guess about Mt. Hood in Oregon or have you been
>following? There have been a remarkable number of quakes near the 
>cone. Yesterday morning's swarm started with a M4.8 bang and it was 
>followed by at least forty aftershocks.
>Is she telling us something?

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