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Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 04:46:50 -0700


I haven't heard of any such activities for Mt Hood; but last year (?) 
the discovery of a large bulge near South Sister (one of Three 
Sisters, Oregon Cascades volcanoes) caused quite a stir.

I do have a several dozen Mt Hood GIFs from Univ of Wash back to Jan. 
99 showing the various events shifting around, some near the 
fumaroles. Also have some lists if anyone wants them.

Bob Fryer

>It would be interesting to see if there has been any of the following trends:
>- A shallowing of seismic activity over time, indicated upward 
>migration of a magma body...
>- Small topographic changes localized around the cone's immediate vicinity...
>- Changes in gas flow and chemistry showing fresh movement and degassing...
>From what I have heard, none of these seems to be happening, but you 
>never know with these things! There are some people using a remote 
>sensing technique called InSAR which is a space-based radar 
>interferogram of the ground which can detect very small changes in 
>the shape of the ground. This type of thing has enormous potential 
>for assessing volcanic risk since a change in shape over a broad 
>region can be roughly inverted to find the depth of the magma 
>expansion or disturbance using the theory of elasticity. Pretty cool 
>kArEEm wrote:
>>What's everyone's guess about Mt. Hood in Oregon or have you been 
>>following? There have been a remarkable number of quakes near the 
>>cone. Yesterday morning's swarm started with a M4.8 bang and it was 
>>followed by at least forty aftershocks.
>>Is she telling us something?

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