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Subject: Outage using PSN.QUAKE.NET
From: "Larry Cochrane" cochrane@..............
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2002 19:13:36 -0700


Some of you may have experienced problems accessing my web site starting
sometime over the weekend. I took a long needed vacation, my first ship
cruise to Ensenada Mexico. I had a great time. While I was gone my backup
DSL line went down. If you tried to access a URL ending in PSN.QUAKE.NET you
would get a timeout error. The problem occurred because the
domain name resolves back to the backup DSL line and I have no control over
the domain name to IP address mapping. My first ISP was Quake.Net so they
added the PSN part to their domain name server. As far as I know Quake.Net
is now out of business, just like a lot of the other small ISP that started
up when the Internet got popular.

Since this domain name could go way at any time you should change any
Bookmarks or Favorites using to Also, if
you have any web pages that have the old domain name you should change it to
the name. Since I run my own DNS server for, and I have compete control over these domain

Larry Cochrane
Redwood City, PSN


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