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Subject: WinSDR Timing
From: "Bob Hancock" robert.hancock@...........
Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2002 20:13:20 -0400

Has anyone had any experience in the use of Internet timing for WinSDR.  I
am interested in what is considered the maximum timing error that is
acceptable for amateur seismic work, and also the recommended minimum
recheck time.  In other words how often should the timing server be checked.

I live in an apartment complex, on the bottom floor.  There are numerous
trees nearby which would block a GPS receiver, and management does not want
an external antenna.  I am also experiencing difficulty in getting a good
WWV signal.

If anyone has had either good or bad experiences with any particular program
I would also be interested in hearing.

Thank You

Bob Hancock
Randolph, NJ


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