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Subject: Re: WinSDR Timing
From: "angel@.........
Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2002 20:08:06 -0500

Hello Bob,

Sunday, August 18, 2002, 7:13:20 PM, you wrote:

BH> Has anyone had any experience in the use of Internet timing for WinSDR.  I
BH> am interested in what is considered the maximum timing error that is
BH> acceptable for amateur seismic work, and also the recommended minimum
BH> recheck time.  In other words how often should the timing server be checked.

I use Tardis on several seismographs and the time is just great.  I
run it as a service and it has a feature that does the recheck
automatically timed based on the drift of you PC clock.  I have
permanent connection to the internet.

You can combine Tardis with something like Rightime which can learn to
regulate you own computers timers to within a few tenths of
millisecond per week.  I would use this on any computer that did not
have a permanent connection.

BH> I live in an apartment complex, on the bottom floor.  There are numerous
BH> trees nearby which would block a GPS receiver, and management does not want
BH> an external antenna.  I am also experiencing difficulty in getting a good
BH> WWV signal.

BH> If anyone has had either good or bad experiences with any particular program
BH> I would also be interested in hearing.

I have had very good experience with Tardis



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