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Subject: Re: Time
From: J D Cooley cooleyj@....................
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 21:22:53 -0700

Thank you, Keith.  I'm sure this is the type of information that the others 
on this list are needing.  I will check it out when I get home and have 
internet access!

"JD" Cooley
San Diego County

At 09:00 PM 8/19/02, Keith Payea wrote:
>The thing to look for is a time client that uses the full NTP spec.  It uses
>four time stamps to calculate the transmission times so that they can be
>factored out of the time.  Many free clients use Simple NTP, which doesn't
>use all four time stamps.
>A crucial part of NTP is also in the filtering.  A good client will make
>many requests (up to once every 64 seconds) and filter the results over
>time.  With a one-shot time request, an offset of 1 second isn't surprising.
>Most of them will give better performance if you run them for a while.
>I work for TrueTime, and we make Network Time Servers which synchronize to
>GPS and then provide NTP to a network.  If you go to this page, you can
>download a free time client we have called WinSync.  You have to register
>for it, but they won't bug you much.  Here's the link:
>Another excellent site is the home of NTP at the University of Delaware:
>     Keith
>Keith Payea


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