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Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2002 08:30:33 -0800

Arie, here's some links I've collected on infrasound equipment and use.  I 
used to work with some of the people described in these
links.  I've been thinking of building one.

and of course


Bob Hammond
Alaska Public Seismic Network

At 02:55 AM 8/25/2002, you wrote:
>Hi, For the late month or so I've been testing a "Infrasound" detector
>built using inspiration from these two articles:
>      The Geophysical Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol. 26
>      Belljar :-
>Though the reference to the "Belljar" HTML link has now been closed down.
>Anyone know where its gone?? I would like to write to the author.
>Anyhow, I'm automatically posting the filtered data to my web site at:
>At present the data is filtered from 0.5 to 10 hertz, but this is experimental
>and can be easily changed. (Looking for fireball re-entries).  What I 
>would like
>to do is detect and quake and its associated Rayleigh waves, a tall order.
>But I can wait a few years. Well I hope I can wait a few years. Any 
>on the best frequency bands to detect micro pressure waves associated from
>quakes? If you find the trace full of noise then you can be guaranteed 
>that its
>windy. Wind and its turbulence is a big problem.
>My web site also has a simple article on locating an earthquake using 3 
>that might be of interest. Plus some software upgrades.
>Here is a thought. The differential pressure sensors used in the Infrasound
>experiment would make an interesting detector for a tilt meter. A sealed 
>with two chambers half filled with a viscous oil and the differential pressure
>sensor monitoring the pressure changes in the air above the oil. Thus a 
>tube between
>the oil chambers and a air return from each chamber to the sensor. I bet 
>it would
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