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Subject: Re: Infrasound
From: Arie Verveer ajbv@............
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 13:19:21 +0000

Hi, Thanks for all the links to the Infrasound data, it was rather helpful.
After a  read it turns out that the international monitoring system (IMS)
sets their optimal frequency range from 0.03 to around 3 Hz. I would assume
this is to monitor Infrasound air bursts and hence it may be useful in the 
detection of  fireball re-entry's. One other paper suggests the earthquake 
Rayleight waves are in the 0.125 to 0.0125 hertz range. That is a period of 8
to 80 seconds. 

My infrasound detector has now been set to display a report in the 0.03 - 2.0 Hertz
range. Though the raw data is still in the DC to 10 Hertz range.  It uses post digital

Cheers and thanks for the info. By the way the next few days its going to be windy
hear, so the detector will shows noise. 



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