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Subject: Re: EPICS Charge to students
From: "Jonathan Peakall" jpeakall@............
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 06:30:51 -0700


Yeah! Now that is a project after my own heart! It is exactly what I am
trying to do with my station. If I can make a cheap and functional station,
I will be able to talk three area schools into one. Having three stations
within a 30 mile radius would be very cool indeed!

Finding a way to a low cost station is a very worthy goal. I would like to
encourage all to put their minds on it. I can readily see all of Larry's
points, but is the plan for a company to produce this equipment, or is it to
be built by students/teachers? Certainly a for-profit company couldn't stay
in business.

The greatest objection I see (and remember this is from a someone who only
started playing this game a few weeks ago) is the sensitivity goal of being
able to detect world-wide earthquakes for $150. In my case, since I live in
California, my goal is to detect regional and perhaps very large distance

If the goal is to build a "real" seismic network of schools, it seems
unrealistic. If however, if it is to teach and spark interest about
earthquakes, very possible. A professional, reliable system has to cost more
than $150. The thing is, I don't think it needs to be "up to snuff" to have
excellent educational possibilities.

I look forward to hearing about progress on this project!


Jonathan Peakall


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