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Subject: Re: aslwww ??
From: Hammonds hammond@...........
Date: Wed, 04 Sep 2002 04:11:31 -0800

Dave, it's down for me too.


At 03:42 AM 9/4/2002, you wrote:
>speaking of aslwww  it seems to have gone offline
>  have not been able to access it for the last 3 days
>   02 - 04 sept  inclusive
>   Problem Report
>                       There was a communication problem.
>  Message ID                      TCP_ERROR
>  Problem Description The system was unable to communicate with the server.
>  Possible Problem Cause
>                            The Web server may be down.
>                            The Web server may be too busy.
>                            The Web server may be experiencing other
>problems, preventing it from responding to clients.
>   The communication path may be experiencing problems.
>  Possible Solution   Try connecting to this server later.
>hopefully it will be sorted out soon
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