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Subject: RE: Lehman magnet/coil position
From: Richard Gagnon richg_1998@.........
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2002 19:04:16 -0700 (PDT)

Ok. Sounds good. I have been monitoring the psn messages off and on and I
remember the recent discussion you had so I will go with the magnet on the
base. I have plenty of #30 wire wrap. 
My area has occasional cars, school bus and a ups truck. It is a (I think)
fairly quiet area.
By the way, where do you find 1/4 inch copper for the damping? I have
everything but that. I do have 1/4 inch aluminum but I do not know if that will
work. Any ideas? Thank you.


--- "Jan D. Marshall"  wrote:
> I have to agree -- I JUST went through this same exercise -- I swapped the
> magnet locations (from boom to base) and it made ALL the difference in the
> world in the unit stability. (see the thread New Lehman on line (almost))
> I was concerned about the wires too -- I used a pair of twisted #30 wire
> wrap wires.  If you provide a nice loose coil/loop at the pivot end I don't
> think you will see any problem.
> Jan Marshall
> jandmarshall@............
> Nampa, ID
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>     I am building a Lehman and I wonder if the coil on the boom is better
> than the
>     magnet on the boom or is it not an issue? From what I have seen,
> building
>     seismometers seems to be an art form.
>   Hi Richard,
>         Building seismometers may well be an art form. Getting them working
> well maybe where the application of some science / technology is desirable.
> Seismometers are designed to have the ability to detect extremely small
> motions and forces. Otherwise they are of little use as seismometers. If you
> are not in a very isolated and quiet location, putting a powerful U or bar
> magnet on the arm will pick up small changes in the local magnetic field
> from a wide variety of sources, a visit from the garbage truck, moving the
> car, switching on the TV, magnetic storms, down to the steel in your belt
> buckle. If your intention is to monitor the garbage truck, etc., that is
> fine. If your desire is to only detect seismic vibrations, it is not so
> good.
>         It is magnetic fields which extend out from the apparatus which
> enable it to interact strongly with outside events. If you enclose the
> magnet in a screen, the interactions will be reduced. They will not be
> eliminated, since you have to use ferromagnetic materials to make the
> screen. This is done in some small modern seismometers, but they usually
> have a magnetic screen provided. Putting an effective magnetic screen around
> a 3 ft Lehman might be more difficult.
>         If you have any doubts, why not download the PSN archives and do a
> keyword search?
>         Regards,
>         Chris Chapman

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