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Subject: Minor or Local Event
From: "Bob Hancock" robert.hancock@...........
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 18:59:28 -0500

I am located in Randolph, New Jersey, about 40 miles west of New York City.
This is a desert when it comes to local events.  Last night 10/30/02, I
recorded what appeared to be a local event.  I recorded it on all three
channels.  It appears to start about 0254, and end about 0301.  I can
clearly see the surface waves; however, the P & S are not that distinct to
me (limited experience).  For filtering I use a bandpass set at 0.07 hz high
and 0.1 hz low.  I have checked the NEIC files and also the link for
earthquakes in the northeast and can't find anything.  It is visible on the
LCSN site at the following link.  Set the view for 10/30/02, and set the
frequency band for long period.  If you set the component to ALL, you can
see it all three channels.

The waveform lasts too long to be blasting.  I am not certain what the event
was, but its there.  If anyone has any thoughts, I would appreciate hearing




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