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Subject: RE: T Max Sensor
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Date: Sat, 9 Nov 2002 09:26:25 -0800

Hi Frank, I have added a link to the PSN San Jose web site at or look under "other PSN sites" and also 
"Lehman seismograph". When I rebuilt the PSN San Jose site over the last 
month, I tried to locate all the other PSN web sites to get them in the 
site listing. Sorry, I managed to miss your fine site. I was looking at all 
the information you have posted and wanted to comment. The T Max is a very 
interesting design. Also, that article you have on the 1938 amateur 
seismology is the oldest article on the topic I have seen. Great looking 

Regards, Steve Hammond  PSN San Jose  Aptos, California

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Subject:	T Max Sensor

Hello PSN,
This is an invitation to visit my web site  at
to see the pictorial construction details of John Cole's new T Max 
I have read a great deal of discussion over the years on PSN about a proper
and inexpensive base.  I think John may have solved both problems with a
cheap (but not cheaply made) base for amateur seismologists.  Also his
method of using ball bearings at the pivot point and suspension point are
outstanding. (John pioneered the ball bearing method). Feedback is welcome.
No doubt there are some details I should have included such as ---everthing
near the magnet must be non-magnetic.

And let me express my great thanks to Larry Cochrane for paying for and
maintaining "" and for sponsoring PSN over the years, his
authorship of Winquake, SDR, his web site "Redwood City Public Seismic
Network" at, for making available his A/D, amp, other
boards, hardware and other software, and his many other great contributions
to amateur seismology.  Without those contributions there would be far 
of us and the few of us would still be floundering around with our smoked
drums and chart recorders.  A great big thanks Larry!

Best wishes and regards to all,

Frank Cooper, Friendswood, Texas, USA


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