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Subject: Specific questions relative to \"Digital Digital Analisis of Seismic Data\"
From: Cristian Haulica cristianhaulica@.......
Date: 20 Nov 2002 10:46:22 -0000

As well said Mauro Mariotti, here are some specific
questions: I am interested in algorithms and open source
projects in: 1: The detection of P & S waves. 2: The
mathematical functions for: a: determining the distance to
epicenter from the time difference between P & S waves. b:
determining the magnitude of the earthquake. c: determining
the actual time of the begining of the earthquake (at the
epicenter). d: determining the magnitude at the epicenter.
etc. Note: I could found only graphics, dubious function ,
discrete values or inverse founctions (relative to what I

My project itends to get a minimum amounth of basical
earthquake data from a horisontal Lehman pendulum recordings.
Note that I am a Computer science student and seismology isn't
my strong point (yet ;) ).

If someone nows some sites where i can find such data please

Regards CristianH.


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