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Subject: Re: Want a drum recorder
From: Kplblange@.......
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 10:19:20 EST

    Cap, so good to hear from you on the drum record.  Sounds as if that is 
just what I want. I confess I know little about the drum recorders.  I have 
only seen them from a distance. Saw one at San Juan Batista near the mission 
and almost sitting on the San Andreas Fault!  Have seen them working at 
Griffith Observatory, too. 
    Tell me, is there the feature where tick marks are put ever minute or so? 
 Also, what about ink supply? You mention the pens.  As for the assembly, no 
    Do you have an idea about shipping costs? I do not see that as a factor 
and I almost surely want to buy one of them.

Ken in Gardena, CA

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