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Subject: Re: Self leveling and about spurious noise
From: Kplblange@.......
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 11:45:19 EST

Tom that suggestion of yours to use water tanks is great. It will not work in 
my setup due to a lack of space but it is a good idea. 
    My seismo has been off for years but may soon be going again. I find so 
much on our web and pleased I found it.
    When I had it going I was bothered with spurious responses.  Many times 
the trace was one quarter inch peak to peak.  I think it was because I am 
seven miles from the Pacific at Manhattan Beach, CA. I have read that waves 
cause a shift for miles.  Any ideas on that? I have made a rough calculation 
of how much the sift was but didn't keep the figures and not sure if all was 


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