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Subject: A jewelry "slinky" spring earring, with vertical potential?
From: meredithlamb meredithlamb@.............
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 19:57:27 -0700

Hi all,

I noted in a local K-Mart store, in the jewelry section, that there
is a display hangup card with what appears to be a miniture "slinkey"
spring in various sprayed on (bizarre)colors.  The spring in its
natural compressed state looks to be ~ 1" outside diameter and ~ 1.5"
long....with other "junk" connection metal attached.  It stretches quite
easily and looks to be quite similar to the much larger (and very old)
Slinkey spring toy from "yesteryear".  It stretches out some
6-8 inches.  I guess it was somehow "adopted" for a large "earring".
My best local hardware store has a big spring variety, but nothing like
this particular shape/size.

In "could" make a small weight mass vertical spring.
Two might allow more added mass weight.

Nope,  I wasn't there for myself, my wife was looking at
jewelry.....ha.  No, I don't remember the brand, or "theme".
I also didn't have the presense of mind to tell the wife how
beautiful they would be on her.....and later get her items for
myself to tear apart!  So....take your wife....errr...Christmas a K-Mart store guys...she can pick the color out.
Get at least three "springs/earrings" for each ear and a
"spare" case one is somehow lost you know....  One might
as well have something to look forward too when otherwise this
"shopping" is a real drag.  Just don't get too enthusiastic if
you bring up the shopping binge thing....women have a way of
getting carried away with jewelry.  Of course, as a last resort
you could risk telling the truth; otherwise she might look at
you rather strangely.  BTW, this is all very confidential
information from a "secret" source.

Take care, "X"


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