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Subject: Re: stability of a Lehman
From: john c cole johnccole3@........
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 11:50:23 -0600

Rolando, when our more educated comrades write to PSN i feel somewhat
inferior because they speak with the utmost authority and speak well . A
simple carpenter like myself  would not dare challenge their authority .
I am sure that they have total knowledge of all things pertaining to
seismology. However , when checking all postings world wide i find little
or no evidence in their postings to PSN to confirm this . Some of our
fellow travelers must be using sophisticated professional equipment .
but, is not reflected in their postings . It is common and un disputed
knowledge that the best that any home made long period  detector will do
is 8 seconds . A Lehman even when run at that time is somewhat unstable
and is not to be considered a serious instrument. I challenge that
assumption . 
   For the second time in recent weeks the opportunity has presented
itself to promote the convex to convex theory of suspension . This idea
is the brain child of Mr AL Hrubetz of Dallas ,TX. If your detectors work
well or do not work well the blame or credit should go to him because it
was his original idea .Yes, it is true that i made the gun that did the
ghastly deed but , he was the instigator. I know little of legal matters
but, i believe that makes him and not me responsible . Seriously, the
convex to convex suspension  method should become common knowledge for
all the beginning amateur seismologist. When discussing this thing ,
please leave my name out of it . I have nothing to sell or gain . MY one
and only motive is to give the amateur seismologist a decent ,economical
and simple seismic detector to use . Rolando , your response to PSN was
absolutely beautiful and made the point about as good as it could have
been made but,with one exception . . My name should have been omitted . I
want no credit or recognition and i am sure that  goes for Al also.  You
did a wonderful thing for amateur seismology today Rolando . This was
your finest hour. JC  And yes, i feel real good . How sweet it is . PPS,
All responsibility should rest with Frank Cooper,he got me hooked on this
stuff . 

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