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Subject: Re: concrete piers
From: meredithlamb meredithlamb@.............
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2002 16:59:39 -0700

Hi Ian,

If you have that much unknown clay depth, there may not be
much one can do to make it stabile outside of increasing the
concrete pier width as much as possible.  I do think it might
be helpful to drive some iron/steel rebars or whatever, into the
clay to whatever depth, and concrete pouring a portion of the
tops of the iron/steel into the pier to help improve the stability.
Normally....using steel (horizontal re-inforcement) isn't
recommended of course; but the vertical iron/steel might help
stabilize it abit more.  The clay might be more resistant to a
"test" driven rebar than known; so the feasibity, depth/length
might be gauged from that.

I envy your quiet location!  Good deal on the house extension!

Take care, Meredith

Ian Smith wrote:

> Many thanks to all who responded to my qs about concrete piers -
> Dewayne, Steve, Meredith & John.  Much appreciated.  I'm building a
> house extension in the next few months and will have some latitude in
> installing a pier.  The soil is clay like and the bedrock is a long way
> down.  So I'll dig as deep as I can afford and work by the many
> suggestions in the emails received.
> The good news is that my house is in the middle of a farm and the
> nearest (really quiet) road is over half a mile away.  So if I get the
> pier right, I should get some good results.  Of course, the extension
> will keep me busy for a while before I can turn to the seismo.
> Thanks
> Ian Smith


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