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Subject: Re: GPS and EDA
From: hammond hammond@...........
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 05:03:08 -0900


EDA Instruments, Ltd, (Earth Science Division) was purchased by Scintrex,
Ltd in 1988.  You can contact Scintrex support at: service@...............
They may be able to help you.  Also, their web site is:


Bob Hammond
Public Seismic Network - Alaska

At 11:12 PM 12/11/2002, you wrote:

>I obtained a PRS-4 Scintrex EDA station.
>I have any software for it, only a small owner's manual.
>It seems that the station needs a firmware to be uploaded inside.
>It uses an hitachi processor and a 12 bit a/d converter with a double
>amplifier, low/high gain and samples both the signals and choose the low
>signal if high gain is clipped.
>Does anyone know where download something about it?


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