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Subject: Re: Wireless 12 bit sensor link
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Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 21:43:52 -0500

Hello Jonathan,

Seislog is free data capture software and you can get the source code and you can get some
standard simple communications protocols to talk to it. You can
download it at:

Seislog file are easy to convert to PSN file in the end.


Thursday, December 12, 2002, 8:03:54 PM, you wrote:

JP> Hi All,

JP> I have been working on a 12 bit wireless sensor link. The transmit side is
JP> built around a LTC1298 ADC and a PIC12F675 microprocessor feeding a TWS-434
JP> transmitter. The reciever is based around a Basic Stamp B2sx microprocessor,
JP> with of course a RWS-434 receiver. I plan to use a PIC for the final
JP> version, so total for the entire TX/RX system will be around $50. I've got
JP> it working pretty well, and am just about to hook it up to my earthquake
JP> sensor. Pity the sensor isn't working right, but that's another project!
JP> Anyway, I need some data logging software to feed it all into, something
JP> that uses the com port on a PC. WinSDR won't work, as it has to use Larry's
JP> A/D board. What other options are there, and any help on how to get it all
JP> to communicate would be great. If anyone wants details of the project, let
JP> me know. It's looking good, as long as I can get it talking to some good
JP> data logging software!

JP> Regards,

JP> Jonathan Peakall

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