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Subject: RE: Short Period Vertical/ Geophones??
From: steve hammond shammon1@.............
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2002 10:21:45 -0800

I have sent Jim my address. If you are not in too much of a rush on this, 
I'll be posting the information on the PSN San Jose web site once I receive it and get it converted 
to web format it will be located on page

Regards, Steve Hammond PSN San Jose, Aptos, CA

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Subject:	Short Period Vertical/ Geophones??

C. Patton, A. Hrubetz, & J. Lahr--your copies of the short period design 
are in the mail.
   I need some help on mailing addresses for S. Hammond, L. Conklin & F. 
    Thanks Chris for your comments on geophones.  I remember showing the 
short period vertical design to a geophysicist who had considerable 
experience in exploration using geophones.  He said--"Why not use a 
geophone?"  We got hold of several used discards in good condition and 
tried them.  They  are "strong motion" in nature, but with todays 
amplification one can adapt.  The units we had were periods less than a 1 
second, and were underdamped for our purposes.  We wanted parameters to 
match the 1 second vertical Springnether (sp) professional sensor the 
Geology Dept. was using at that time--for comparison purposes.  We never 
pursued the idea further--but felt it had possibilities.
     No doubt there are persons out there like Chris that have had some 
experience with geophones.  They are compact--a neat package and reasonably 
economical--a quick way to go vertical-- if you can adapt the parameters to 
be within the wishes of an amateur seismologist.
Best---Jim Lehman

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