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Subject: Re: yes you need a computer
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Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 15:56:19 -0500

In a message dated 12/23/2002 3:26:57 PM Eastern Standard Time, "a.rodriguez"  writes:

>Hello Allan,
>Yes, you will need a computer to read and store the data from the A/D,
>but it can be a very old (cheap) computer and if you have it on a
>network you will not have to tie up monitor/kbd/mouse.  You can also
>run many systems on one computer (also with no monitor/kbd/mouse) I
>have one computer reading three seismographs, a weather station and web
>cam and soon hope to have nine seismographs on one computer.
>Monday, December 23, 2002, 1:12:30 PM, you wrote:
>ae> hi My name is Allan Egleston, and am new to the list. Am currently
>ae> building a horizontal lehman sensor at this time. Have been reading the
>ae> mail about Vertical sensors and it seems that there is a number to
>ae> choose from.  A question for the group, can there be a way to record
>ae> events with out having to tie up a computer, as this seems to be the
>ae> accepted norm?  Thanks, Allan Egleston, kf6uxj
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Hello Angel,

Sorry to say that you replied to the wrong Allan. 

How was your vaction? Debra and I (including son Mitchell and Debra's mother) will be leaving at the end of this week for a 2 week vaction ourselves.

While I am typing to you I want to let you know that I spoke to your friend Larry 3 days after you left my house. I would think that you have been in contact with him several times since I last talked to you. Note: A couple of months ago, after I spoke to Larry, I emailed you to tell what he and I discussed, but my message kept being bounced back to me, so I have waited to make sure that you were back home to recieve messages again.

Larry said he was going to mark up my sketches and then fax them to me, some 2-3 days later. He never responded. I thought we had a good discussion. What happened? Some of his ideas panned out, a couple of others didn't whereby I couldn't see any improvement in the system performance. But there was a net gain after our 2 hour phone conversation.

I have made a new horizontal instrument and made some new tweaks to the displacement transducer circuit. It appears to have helped the sensitivity slightly. Only into my second day of testing  with the instrument operating on my desk in my office at home. It picked up the 5.5 mag event near Honduras today nicely. I will send you a paper describing it when I get time, hopefully in January or perhaps February, to write it.

I see that you have put up a copy of my MkXV on your web site. I have since made some tweaks to the circuit and have already revised the paper accordingly. With the changes I found necessary to do to the latest device on the bench, I will need to revise the earlier paper yet again.

Anyway, enough for now.

May you and your wife have a very Merry Christmas,




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