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Subject: Re: Subject: Vertical sensors
From: BOB BARNS royb1@...........
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2002 10:30:26 -0500

  Windows could probably run the recording program in the background.
This requires that the computer be left running 24/7 which, even without
the monitor takes a fair amount of AC power.
  I looked around in and discovered that there are many laptops
(requiring less power) for $125 or less.  A few bucks more will get a
considerably better machine.
  I looked for laptops which had at least Windows, 96K of RAM and some
means of reloading Windows (3.1 is good enough) and programs-either a
floppy drive or CD-ROM drive (if only one, a floppy drive).  A
monochrome screen is good enough (although I'm not sure that Windows is
useable with monochrome).
A working hard-drive is not necessary as a lot of 'quake data can be
stored on a floppy if the sampling rate is kept low.  A laptop will not
accept Cochrane's excellant A/D board so an external A/D and some
program other that SDR) would be necessary.
  If you go this way, be sure to get the computer's manual.
Bob Barns

allan egleston wrote:
> hi My name is Allan Egleston, and am new to the list. Am currently
> building a horizontal lehman sensor at this time. Have been reading the
> mail about Vertical sensors and it seems that there is a number to
> choose from.  A question for the group, can there be a way to record
> events with out having to tie up a computer, as this seems to be the
> accepted norm?  Thanks, Allan Egleston, kf6uxj
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