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Subject: Re: Winsdr under Linux
From: Ian Smith ian@...........
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2002 22:02:18 +0000

if you acquire a "terminal server" you can plug your rs232 based A/D 
into it and talk to the terminal server with a tcp/ip socket connection 
from linux.

Terminal servers can probably be found on ebay...  Older units providing 
LAT services are no use, they must provide telnet services

Ian Smith

Karl Cunningham wrote:

>Hi --
>This may be old hat to some, but it's new to me and something I've wanted
>to try for a while now.  The last few days I have been running Larry
>Cochrane's Winsdr under Linux using Wine (, a system
>that allows Windows-based programs to be run under Linux.
>To move Winsdr to the Linux box, the entire winsdr directory and everything
>under it on the Windows machine were copied (including the daily record
>files) to a subdirectory created for the purpose on the Linux box.  After a
>bit of editing of the Wine configuration file, it worked.  This machine is
>a Celeron 466 with 256MB of ram.  Wine and Winsdr are only using about 1.2%
>of the CPU cycles and 3% of the RAM, so I'm sure it would work fine on a
>much less capable computer.   Screen redraw speed is comparable to the
>Pentium II 350MHz Windows NT machine it was running on before.  The
>operating system is Mandrake 9.0 Linux, and I imagine it would work under
>Redhat linux as well.
>Wine is seeing a lot of development these days, with new versions coming
>out on a daily basis.  I downloaded and installed one as of 12/23/02 for
>this test.
>If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to supply more details.  And for
>anyone who want to try, my wine configuration file is at
> .  There are probably more optimizations
>that can be made, but a least it works.
>The next challenge is to replace the serial connection between the A/D and
>Winsdr with a TCP/IP connection.  This should remove the limitation of
>serial line length and reduce ground noise since ethernet cards are
>transformer isolated whereas the serial connections are not.
>Regards, and happy new year to all.
>Karl Cunningham
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