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Subject: Re: echolink
From: David A Nelson davenn@...............
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 13:11:20 +1100

hi Bob and all,

further to that system is another one for amatuers...
 called  IRLP   Internet Radio Linking Project

  this is a great one  i have been making regular contacts with amateurs in
the USA and Canada over the last 5-8 weeks.

  amateur 2 metre ( MHZ) and 70cm ( MHz) repeaters are
connected to the internet via the appropriate modems and using a well known
voice chat program called Speak Freely.

  each repeater (Node) connected to the system has a 4 digi number assigned
to it   that # is dialld up using a DTMF keypad on the radio's microphone or
by another DTMF source held up to the microphone.   the # 73  is used to
close the link after u have finished ur conversation.   maybe some of u
amateur operaters out there can find a link close to ur home and we can try
to contact.

 the node # for my repeater is  6010    (for greater Sydney, OZ, region)
there is a complete list of active nodes and their status at

last sunday nite had a great chat to an amateur in Tacoma, WA  who also has
as i discovered a keen interest in earthquakes.

happy new year all
Dave Nelson

At 03:19 PM 30-12-02 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi gang,
>  I know some of the members of this list are hams.  Just last week, 
>I became aware of a facility for hams to contact many others worldwide
>either direct or thru repeaters (AM and FM).
>  Licensed hams can hold half duplex voice contacts via the internet (of
>course that's free).  Dialup service works fine.
>  The program, avail. at, is free.  It appears to be
>quite sophisticated and convenient.  When connected, the prog. shows a 
>complete list of all others who are connected.
>  There is no hardware to buy if your computer has a sound 
>  To be called by someone (licensed hams only), your computer must be
>running the program either on top or in the background.
>  I got this running with no problems. When the prog. is started, a list
>of all repeaters, links and people who are currently connected is shown.
>So far this has been about ~1,000 worldwide,
>  I often start the prog. whenever I have the computer running and put
>into the background (it's running while I type this).  When someone
>calls me, a beep sounds and I can look to see who is calling and then
>start the QSO.
>  One constraint is that your computer must be online.  I have cable 
>internet service so that is no problem.
>Bob Barns 
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