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Subject: irlp
From: allan egleston allane@.........
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 07:25:25 -0800

To Mr. David A. Nelson
Hi. I have just started seriously getting into seismology. Am rather new
to the list, but have been "into" quakes since i was little. I started
with a pendulum Seismomoter and an currently with the help of some
"handy"friends building a lehman. Have scrapped sevral designs before
settling on the current design that I like. We have eight 2 m and 1 70
cm repeaters in the area, no the machines are not irlp/echolink equipped
at this time. Our Ham club has been talking about taking the step. Im in
a little town in the sierra nevada mountain foothills, (california Gold
Rush Country)(roughly 3 hours from Mammoth Mountain volcano, California)
3 Hours From Sanfransico California, 8 hours from Los Angles California
and 8 hours from the Oregon border. Hope this helps. 73's de Allan
Egleston kf6uxj

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