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Subject: RE: Surface waves from Sumatra M 9.0, 2nd Version
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Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2005 17:31:04 -0500

You asked a couple of questions after giving us the link to the Global
Displacement Wavefield. I started to write up a quick answer, but since =
new to the group I thought I better find out a bit more about who was =
the questions. I'm glad I did. I'll leave the questions unanswered for
others to ponder. I presume after some reasonable amount of time, you =
provide the answers.=20
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Subject: Re: Surface waves from Sumatra M 9.0, 2nd Version

I would suspect destructive interference of the wave fronts
at the quarter-wave point (50 minutes) assuming the resonance
of the "global tank circuit" is 200 minutes. Either that or
some type of phase shift. How about the coriolis effect ? :-)

-- John or Jan Lahr  wrote:
If you haven't taken a look at the IRIS "Image of the Week" yet,
check out this page (with the now correct URL!):

The image shows seismic records from stations distributed around
the globe and surface waves that traveled twice around!

Questions to think about --  Why does the y-axis stop at 180 degrees?
Why would the amplitude of the surface waves fall off around 90 degrees
and then increase at 180 degrees again?

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