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Subject: RE: Microseisms and the need for PSN to look closer
From: "James Hannon" jmhannon@.........
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 105 09:55:25 CST

I have used this program before.
 It used to be free but you can still find older free versions on download sites.

Jim Hannon

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From: John or Jan Lahr 
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Date:  Fri, 25 Feb 2005 07:19:42 -0800

>Hi Jack,

>We used "spectrograms" of the sort that you described in >studying the 1989-1990 eruption of Mt. Redoubt, Alaska. They were >the best method that we found to monitor and distinguish "LP" >events (with emergent arrivals and lower frequency content) from >"VT" events (volcano-tectonic events with higher-frequency >content and sharp arrivals). Swarms of LP events tended to precede >eruptions.

>It would be great to have a tool available to amateur seismologists and >educators that would allow spectrograms to be easily generated. Do >you think this could be done without the use of Matlab?


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