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Subject: Re: microseism filter
From: John or Jan Lahr johnjan@........
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2005 17:27:43 -0800

Hi Stephen,

I don't think that AmaSeis can handle two data streams from a single DATAQ 
AD.  However,
if you use two AD's and attach each to a different com port, then I believe 
you can run two
copies of AmaSeis at the same time.  Of course each copy must be run in 
it's own directory.

John Lahr

At 10:02 AM 2/26/2005, you wrote:
>Speaking of AmaSies,  is anyone running it with the DataQ DI-150RS???
>The RS was the two channel Radio Shack version!!   I've tried the two 
>dataq options and while it does record somewhat, it does not record 
>properly,,,   the time advances at about twice the proper rate and at the 
>end of each trace it goes through a strange iteration and drops about the 
>last half of the record,,  anything recorded in that last half is 
>lost!!!!   A few months ago I tried emailing the person who wrote it, but 
>no response!   If I can find a way to use it, I'd like to try it for 
>awhile!!   Thanks in advance for any help!
>You may email me directly at:   skmort@..........
>   Stephen Mortensen
>   PSN Station #55
>   near Pilot Hill Ca. USA
>   38.828N  120.979W
>>>>I am running two copies of Amasies simultaneosly -- one short period 
>>>>vertical and the other the wideband vertical. I like the program very 
>>>>much but am always looking to try others that may be availabe . I am 
>>>>really new at this so have a lot to learn.
>>>>Dave Nelson
>>>>Palos Verdes Peninsula California
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