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Subject: RE: New subscriber
From: John Popelish jpopelish@........
Date: Tue, 01 Mar 2005 04:42:09 -0500

"Steve Hammond"  wrote:

> Hi John, Hi Chris and others,
> You can find what many consider to be the original PSN amp design
> at in the right column.
> In my document files,  I also have an older design done by Jan Froom
> which dates back before 1989 which includes a 12-bit A/D. 
> Pete Row designed the amp and filter found on the website 
> and freely gave it to the members of the PSN group in 1990 
> at one of the first PSN meetings we held.
> Below that, on the same web page, you will find another design 
> which came from Sean Morrissey. Sean has passed as may know 
> and was also a world class designer. I have been using Pete's design
> for 15 years and it is easy to build and diagnose when an op-amp fails.

Thank you, Steve, for this information.  
I will review these amplifier and filter designs, in detail, 
including all filter responses.

Are you interested in seeing my critique of these when I get to that?

I am sure my design will steal
from them, though I think I might be able to slightly improve 
upon some aspects, based on a quick look.  
I will make available to the group anything that I design, 
including a parts list, theory of operation, and schematic.  

If you have any other schematics in emailable form that you would 
like me to consider, you may email them to me at jpopelish@.........
I am not worried about this address appearing in public, 
since it is what I have used on usenet for a few years.
I often tutor, there, on sci.electronics.basics.

John Popelish

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