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Subject: AmaSeis & DataQ 150RS
From: Stephen & Kathy skmort@..........
Date: Tue, 01 Mar 2005 20:25:34 -0800

FYI,,   Good news,,,   the most often stated advice from the PSN was to 
get the latest Update for AmaSeis,,   which was the first thing I did!! 
  I was very surprised to see that there had been 4 or 5 updates since I 
downloaded the program last October,,,,,     the bottom line, I've been 
recording for about 24 hours now and everything seems to be working just 
fine!!!  I'm using the DataQ 151 option,,,  haven't tried any of the 
other options yet,,,  had to set up the ini file as per instructions in 
the help file for the DataQ, which I had already done last Oct.!!  It 
didn't require me to set the DataQ to single channel,,  which makes it 
convienent if I want to go back to the DataQ software!!  It even went 
through an automatic 12 sec. time adjust at 11:00 UTC (03:00 local) 
without a hitch,,,  (my computer gains about 12 sec per day)  I probably 
lost 12 sec. of data, but I can live with that!!   Now all we need is a 
quake,,,    not too big of course,, ha!!!
   Many thanks again for all the help,
   PSN Station #55
   near Pilot Hill Ca. USA
   38.828N  120.979W

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