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Subject: Re: Op amp front end noise
From: John Popelish jpopelish@........
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 19:17:49 -0500

akr@......... wrote:

> John and all others -
> I would add the quad OP-400 to the list.  It is essentially a low power
> quad OP-07/77.  It also has the added advantage of being able to drive
> large capacitive loads - I use it as a driver for the long cable run
> leading from my seismograph to the AtoD card in my computer in addition to
> using it for amplifying and filter applications.  The data shows the
> OP-400 driving a 1nF load without oscillation - I took the picture when
> writing the OP-400 data sheet in my previous career in new product
> development and applications at PMI/ADI (we were bought out by ADI in
> 1990.)


I will include it, but it pales in comparison to some of the quietest
amplifiers as a front end, especially with low impedance sources.  It
looks fine for second and later stages of gain and filtering, though.

John Popelish

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