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Subject: Re: the warning of earthquakes
From: Mark Robinson mark.robinson@...............
Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2005 00:46:03 +1200

Hi folks,

Speaking of warning of earthquakes, I made an offhand prediction that 
there was going to be a significant earthquake six hours or so before 
the 8.7 in Indonesia.

This was  based this on unusual long period activity on the USGS 
instrument in Wellington which I have associated with the run up to 
large quakes in the past. Strange patterns of waves of similar period to 
the global ringing which happens after a large quake.

Perhaps some of the learned people here could tell me if this is a known 
phenomenon and if so point me at some reading material.

Welcome to here Alexandr, I'm not aware of anyone else here working animals.

All the best,


(my tsunami warning system is happening very slowly, but I do seem to 
get the ITIC warnings within 20 minutes of major events, when it's 
actually working, and they ring a bell and fire my pager)

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