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Subject: Re: Question About Analog Seismo Telemetered On 163.797 in So.Cal
From: Larry Cochrane lcochrane@..............
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2005 19:50:21 -0700


I have located remote sensor locations by recording the data and using known local 
event epicenters to triangulate the locate of the sensor. You can use my WinQuake 
program to do this. Another way is to use the P arrival time and look at an event 
list that has P arrive times for each station. If you have accurate timing you should 
be able to find the station. The local USGS or maybe Cal Tech should publish a list
with this information in it. Once you have the station ID you should be able to look 
up the sensor location on the USGS site.

Good luck.

Larry Cochrane
Redwood City, PSN

Douglas Gavilanes wrote:
> Greetings from under my rock.  I have received a few questions recently 
> from fellow amateur radio folks about the *general* location of the 
> seismo that is currently telemetered via VHF (163.797MHz) into the LA 
> basin (for the Caltech Seismo Lab).  I'm not seeking an exact location.  
> Most believe it to be located at Crystal Lake, L.A. Co., but I believe 
> having heard that it was on Catalina Island.  The Crystal Lake seismo 
> (which most of us affiliated with PSN Pasadena listened to) was just off 
> of 162.810, but it went fiber or satellite ages ago.  Many of us built 
> discriminators back then for its 680Hz tone, with data outputs, alarms, 
> etc.  In any case, a few ham folks would like to know which way to point 
> a dedicated beam antenna for best signal reception.  Since it is so 
> weak, one can't be sure if their antenna is aimed at the transmitter, or 
> at a reflection off of a mountain or building.  Any direction here (pun 
> intended) is appreciated.  Off list is OK, if you're concerned.
> Regards,
> Doug Gavilanes
> Garden Grove, CA.
> n6xqy@........
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