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Subject: Re: Telemetry
From: Richard Webb dwebb002@.............
Date: Sat, 09 Apr 2005 08:05:42 -0400

You might give the people at CERI a call or email.  They are an 
extremely helpful bunch.


1goss@........... wrote:

>I have a few questons about Telemetry. I am about 30 miles from a station at  PWLA EHZ NM : Pickwick Lake, AL  and wanted to know If I could pick up the Telemetry from that station.If it has Telemetry and what frequency it would be on. This statement was on CERI pape.
> "The CERI seismic networks are subdivided into autonomous, remote processing nodes. Each node acts as a central site for FM telemetry reception and processing, digitizing, and earthworm processing. Digital connections to Memphis are established by various means. Some stations are additionally telemetered back to Memphis."
>I would like to try Larry Cochrane,s Telemetry Demodulator Board.
>Thanks Bryan Goss
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