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Subject: Network time standard
From: "Steve Hammond" shammon1@.............
Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2005 09:00:18 -0700

PSN members,
I'm writing to report on a software network time client server software
program that is compatible with WinSDR. I'm using Larry's serial connected
A/D hardware with a Motorola GPS for data collection and realized that I
could have my own home network time standard if I could find a compatible
software package.

After looking and trying three different products, I selected Net Time
version 2.1 because it works seamlessly with WinSDR. You can obtain a trial
version of the software from Http:// I think you will find
it to be compatible with all the MS operating systems.

A few observation notes: While you can install the same copy of the trial
software on two different systems, you need to purchase a server "Full
License" for $25.00 for the time server (the machine running WinSDR) and a
"Client License" for $12.99 for each client using the new network time
service. The software includes a list of known Internet time servers and
also allows you to assign the local IP address of your in-house network time
server. The software is configurable with and support several different
protocols. I'm using SNTP on port 123 which does not conflict with any other
ports currently in use by the system. I had some issues with the initial
install because I didn't understand the licensing methodology but was able
to sort it out with the help of the Han-soft support rep who provide prompt
and high-quality service.

If you don't have a GPS, as I said, the software comes with an extensive
list of network time servers that can be accessed via the Internet to obtain
accurate time. Overall, the experience with this software package has been
very positive and after 30-days of testing I'm now recommending it to other
members of the Public Seismic Network.

Regards, Steve Hammond, Aptos CA
Public Seismic Network  San Jose California


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