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Subject: Improvements
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Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2005 10:36:12 +0000

Hey Chris ,

"How flexible is your 1/2" Al? I would rate this as a minimum size. I prefer to 'do things the easy way"

It is not  flexible it is thick tubing, however I like the easy way also so I will try to buy the  nominal stainless steel water pipe you suggested. I am having problems finding what I need, But I think it is my lack of understanding. What is compression Xs.
I ask the guy at the hardware store, Lowes of Corinth he said they did not carry stainless steel pipe and did not know what  compression Xs was. I think I can get the pipe at another suppler here but I need to understand what I am looking for.

"Alternatively, put your existing damping plate right on the end, using your existing magnets and mount the coil under the arm on the bearing side of the mass. "

I like this Idea It is incorporated in the drawing I link to at the bottom of the page.
I need to know how to mount the coil, under the boom? or to the side? 
I will mount the magnet to the AL plate.

"One query - your mass looks as if it is in a tin can?"

I melted the lead in a tin can then cut away the can, its now just lead that looks like a can.

 "What thickness is your copper damping plate?"

  It is currently 1/16 but 1/8 4x4 will be here this week so it will be 1/8.

This is a link to a drawing I did so I could ask a few more questions.

1. I think I got the ball baring and tool bit backwards in the drawing. Would this matter if I built it that way?

2.How critical is the angel of the wire? The drawing it is to scale the black pipe frame is 22 inches tall and the boom 30 inches long.

3.There is a red square about where I think the coil should go will this be ok.

4.Does the support wire attachment  to the weight look like it should? like the drawing you sent me.

5. I found stainless screws. What kind of glue did you use to attach the nuts to the bottom of the AL plate? They are small  Machine Screws
 8-32 x 2 ss.

6.Note the flat plate, would this be better so I could adjust the position of the ball baring or flat with a bolt . The pipe union I have is not adjustable.

 Its late for me I hope this all makes sense 
Thanks for your help Bryan 


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