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Subject: Re: Computer Timing Problems / Solutions
From: Mark Robinson mark.robinson@...............
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2005 05:29:58 +1200

Luis Cupido is developing a new version of his Reflock board which some 
may find of interest as a possible part of a solution to this problem.

It could be used to sync the computer's RTC oscillator, or even the 
instruction clock, to your favourite external reference.

Lius' announcement follows, and earlier correspondence about the Reflock 
can be found in the microwave list archives which you can browse if you 
sign up at the address below.

I'm not proselytising for this thing, just tossing another idea into the 


Luis Cupido wrote:
 > Hello,
 > The result of a joint effort with Steve N7HPR, the Reflock II is
 > now a reality.
 > It uses the latest CPLD available from Altera the MAX II that
 > has room for better locking schemes and more features.
 > (worth mention that this device can now hold circuits 100x more
 > complex than a traditional National or Motorola PLL chip).
 > The first prototype just saw the light recently and can be seen
 > at my web pages.
 > The major top specs are the higher frequency of operation
 > well above 200MHz direct to the CPLD (actual maximum depends
 > on what circuit it is configured to) and the on board prescaler
 > going to 1GHz. Plus the ability to communicate with a small
 > processor (PIC, Atmel, etc...) to allow loop quality analysis
 > long term stability log (for 1pps) changing configuration on the fly
 > etc, etc...
 > I do expect that TAPR soon have Kits PCB parts etc, for the people
 > but I don't really know what are the plans.
 > Take a look:
 > Thanks
 > Luis Cupido.
 > P.S. Please place any question cc to the list and I'll reply
 > also here so that I do not have to reply the same thing
 > many times. Thanks.
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