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Subject: Re: Time
From: John or Jan Lahr JohnJan@........
Date: Sat, 07 May 2005 10:25:52 -0600

Hi Brian,

I think that the "proof" of the timing system would be to record some time 
marks right along
side your seismometer.  This could be set up with a summing amplifier so 
that the time
mark amplitude could be adjusted to a low but visible level.  Of course the 
time marks must be from
a very accurate source, such as a GPS receiver.  The second marks could be 
used, as long
as you are confident that the system clock is not off by more than 0.5 seconds.


At 03:11 AM 5/6/2005, you wrote:
>I am using one of Larry Cochrane,s 16-Bit Serial Output A/D Board and WinSDR
>with a garmin gps. How accurate is the timing? CERI ask me they are 
>interested in some off my local data to locate very small events  close to me.
>Also could someone please send me a screen shot of their WinSDR during a 
>quite time set to four lines at 4 minutes each line default setting.
>Thanks Bryan S Goss
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