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Subject: Earthworm, Winston, Swarm, PAR1CH
From: Angel sismos@..............
Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2005 19:35:37 -0500

Hi Everyone,

One of the things I miss most since I stopped using SDR is the
wonderful GUI and alarm features that it had. I just liked it and
haven't found anything that even comes close until now. I stopped
using SDR when the PSN format went from 3 to 4.

I recently have been playing with Earthworm and Seiscomp. I have an
Earthworm system that gathers data from Galapagos, Venezuela, Costa
Rica, Mexico and Puerto Rico and I was training it to locate in near
real time.

One of the limitations to using these two free and widely used
softwares locally is that the digitizers that they connect to cost
more than my car. Then I stumbled across a 24 bit digitizer that had a
"module" for Earthworm that cost $150.00. Coincidentally at the same
time I visited the Cascade Volcano Observatory and saw a program
called Swarm written in Java and the GUI was great! Not as nice as SDR
and lacking many of SDR's wonderful features but certainly an
approaching second.

Now this is what I have on my current experimental system. I have an
L4C directly into a PAR1CH 24 bit single channel digitizer (no amp
needed for this even though for a Lehman or 4.5 Hz geophone you will
need an amp) I get GPS time with an Oncore GT connected to one of
Larry's boards to time stamp the PAR1CH data. The data goes into an
Earthworm "ring" and then I use an export module to feed data to Swarm
over TCP/IP. This means that the data acquisition computer and the
data display computer can be joined by any internet connection, from
your garage to your desk or from your garage to my desk. Swarm can
take data from any earthworm server so it can display both a real data
squiggle and a heliocorder for any number of TCP/IP connected

All this is fun in itself but what make this more exciting is that any
of us that had good full time internet connections could share data
real time and all the stations that had good time could be joined to
make a huge virtual network that could locate in real time.

The installation of Earthworm is not a snap but it is not hard. The
documentation is lacking. Anyone can have very good seismic station
without a seismograph. There are many many data streams available from
all over the world.

One of my current "BIG" projects is to join all of Central America
observatories into Virtual network by getting every country to get at
least one broadband to stream data in real time to anyone who want it.

I would be glad to help as best I can anyone that wants to try to get
an Earthworm/Swarm/Winston setup going. To start most any ole computer
that runs will do. Earthworm can write data in many formats and I
think that one of them can be read by WinQuake.

By the end of the summer I hope that there will be a Seiscomp
"plug-in" for the boards made be Mauro Mariotti so we could connect
inexpensive 3 channel station to Earthworms. Joachim Saul of GFZ is
getting that going.

Here are some URL for what I have mentioned above.  I can send anyone
who want a screen shot of the Swarm GUI.



PARxCH digitizers available from:  Kip there has been very helpful.

Earthworm is available from:

Seiscomp is available from:

Swarm is available from:


Swarm and Winston are beta and Earthworm is 6.2 with 6.3 coming out
soon. Seiscomp is work in progress.


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