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Subject: RE: copper weight
From: Jack Ivey ivey@..........
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 19:20:01 -0400

Yep, I use a piece of 1/4"x2"x3" piece and it worked fine for both mass
and damping.  For a damping magnet I used a 1/2"x1" long cylindrical
neodymium magnet.  

The seismo isn't a Lehman exactly, but a garden-gate horizontal made 
of aluminum angle. The Lehman would probably require a bit heavier chunk.
I also used a small piece of 1/4" copper for the mass/damper in a vertical
pendulum (similar to S-G).


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has anyone tried copper instead of lead for the weight on a Lehman?  The 
idea being that it could also be used for magnetic damping.

Ian Smith

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