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Subject: RE: Modified sound card and datalogging and geophones
From: "Doug Crice" dcrice@............
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 05:48:51 -0700


I am not looking for water levels I putting out sensors and 
making a shock moving over and making another shock ...... and 
another shock and resetting the sensors and doing it over again 
to do a seismic study of the aquifer of the water bearing sand 
and 30 feet down. I need a post process GPS signal to know where 
I am I might as well use the time spruce on it.


This is not earthquake recording, this is exploration seismic.  The
frequencies you care about will be between 10 and 500 Hz and a perfectly
normal sound card will handle these signals. You may need some preamps like
you would with a dynamic phonograph cartridge, because the signals from
geophones are small.

You will need zero time from your shock source (a sledge hammer should be
adequate). The best choice is a small, cheap crystal phonograph cartridge
taped near the head connected to the second channel. You don't care about
absolute time, just time relative to the impact, so forget GPS timing.



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