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Subject: RE: Geophones
From: "Doug Crice" dcrice@............
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 13:45:03 -0700

When I said Larry's were the best choice, I thought you were recording
earthquakes, not doing exploration seismic.

For earthquakes, you need lower natural frequencies and 3-component in a
triax package.  For exploration, you need something higher, maybe 10 to 28
Hz in what we call a "land case" with a spike.  New, they are about $30 for
the basic element and $60 in a case with leads attached.

Naturally, they are cheaper used, but you have to scratch around.  If they
are oil exploration surplus, they come in multiple phones wired in series
parallel (designed to filter out surface waves).  You can take them apart
and use the individual phones. This is the cheapest source.

You can find these "geophone strings" and single phones at 

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