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Subject: Re: Geophones
From: "David Saum" DSaum@............
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 11:37:56 -0400

> Subject: Geophones
> From:    Mike Speed 
> Date:    Sun, 24 Jul 2005 10:14:46 -0700 (PDT)
> Are you guys absolutely sure the best source for
> geophones is Larry's? 

I have found Larry's 4.5Hz geophones to be a
real bargain, at least for seismic sensing.  Here
are teleseismic detections from the last couple of
days from one of Larry's 4.5Hz horizontal
geophones that is sitting on my carpeted
basement office floor with a brick resting on it:

7/23/05 5.5M Nicaragua from 2,969.4km

7/24/05 7.2M Nicobar Islands from 14,722.5km

Both of these plots are filtered with HP=0.03Hz
and LP=1.0Hz.




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