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Subject: Re: Mathcad
From: ian ian@...........
Date: Sat, 06 Aug 2005 20:58:48 +0100


the function to read in the data is READPRN.  You would have something 
like y:= READPRN("c:\mydata.dat")

you might then do:   i:=0..rows(y)-1  then plot y and i. 

You need to use the right key strokes to get the ":=" and "..", you 
don't get them by typing them.  ":=" is entered by pressing ":" and ".." 
is entered by pressing ";".  For the y axis, the y has to be entered 
with i as a subscript, this is achieved by typing "y[i".

Bizarre but true... Try it!  Also have a look at the examples.

Hope that helps.


Mike Speed wrote:

>I have Mathcad 2001 and I would like to use it to
>display seismic data.  I have a file consisting of raw
>numbers (one number per line).  How do I read in the
>file and display it in Mathcad?
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