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From: Dennis Wieck dwieck@............
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2005 11:56:44 -0700

I am in the process of setting up a station. I have a set of Larry's geophones
and his amplifier/ filter boards along with his A/D board. I am trying to decide
the best place to place my  sensors. I live in northwest TN almost on top of the
New Madrid Fault. I want to set the geophones  up first then I may experiment
with some other sensors ( I am also collecting parts to build a S-G sensor ). I
have a couple of choices from the reading  I have done.  I have several questions
about trying to decide which would be the "best"  place to mount them. 

I have seen references to mounting them in the crawl space of houses. This would
probably be one of the easier options. I can get under he house  easily and would
have short cable runs. I am  not sure how much of the house noise would be picked
up in this type location.  It is just a dirt base under he house right now.. 

The second option would to build a small vault probably  dug in the ground  3 or
4 feet deep. ( Most likely  I would  not be able to get  to bedrock). I have seen
several of this type on he web. I live pretty much in the country on about 5
acres. Most of the land is pretty hilly with a lot of trees.   I have seen
references saying that you need to be relatively far from trees etc or the wind
moving them will affect the sensors.  If I do this I would have further to run
the cables back to the house.  Is it better to have the  longer run from the
sensors to the  boards or to have the A/D output have the longer runs?

How much difference would there be with these types of locations?




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