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Subject: Re: Digging in...
From: Dennis Wieck dwieck@............
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2005 11:16:14 -0500

>     I would be optimistic about an underfloor location. Just keep away 
> from the water supply and waste water pipes and from the foundations. 
> Suggest that you try it out as your first option?

Thats what I am considering as the first option. It certainly would be 
quicker / easier.

   This depends a lot on your soil conductivity. Wiring under the house 
is likely to be partly shielded by the house 'earth'. 100 ft is quite a 
long external 'aerial'.
It may be less depending on where I decide to place it.

> I would be inclined to fit some lightning protection where the cable 
> enters the house, especially if lightning is a 'problem' in your area.

It is. I have experience with the "ground" effects of lightning. We had 
a ground strike to the metal reinforcement  in a runway at an airport I 
used to  work with, it took out about half of our runway light system 
with it. We knew it hit the runway by the damage on  it.

>     Is the utility power wiring to your house below ground or on 
> poles?  Elevated wiring does tend to pick up stronger lightning 
> surges, sometimes from many miles away.
>  Mostly poles although the last part is underground.


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